Our house is full of warmth

Today was the first day of the spring soccer season. Ben's team scrimmaged itself -- our opponent never saw the revised schedule and didn't realize our game started an hour earlier. No matter: Our timing is off after a five-month hiatus, so what amounted to an extra practice was beneficial. Michael's team won its game, with Michael playing goalkeeper for the whole game for the first time. He played a great first three-quarters of the game, but he started tiring out near the end in the heat.

Yes, we had heat today in Salt Lake City. It reached 80 degrees -- the earliest 80-degree day ever recorded here. And though I'm happy that spring has seemingly arrived, the warm early weather does present a conundrum: It's too early to turn on the air conditioning in our house, but our upstairs warms up in hurry. Our bedroom, on the southwest corner of the house, gets particularly warm, and the ceiling fan in the room won't spin anymore. We're planning to replace the fan in April (more likely sooner than later), but that's not helping us tonight. We can't get the best breeze through our house, either

Sunday, we get a one-day break: A cold front is moving through (with a possibility of snow tomorrow night). Until then, I'm typing this post in the nice cool basement.


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