The sporting life

Just when basketball ended for the boys, soccer and baseball are starting up. And swimming is right around the corner

The boys' soccer league is stretched over nine months, with eight games in the fall and eight in the spring. After almost five months off, Ben's team, which I coach, resumed practice this week, with its first game set for Saturday. I tried to run the kids a little more (in a fun way, of course) to get them in shape, but it will take a few weeks for them to rediscover all their skills from the fall. Michael's first practice is Friday, followed by his first game Saturday morning.

For baseball, we moved Ben up into a higher division so he can be on the same team as Michael and keep us from a completely psychotic Saturday schedule. Their league is machine pitch, and last year, Ben as a preschooler tried batting at Michael's practice and actually connected a couple times. He's fearless, so I think he will figure it out quickly (and I doubt he will be the shortest one on the team; in fact, he may be in the middle height-wise). Michael, who was hitting the ball so well by the end of last season, might be knocking the snot out of it this year. Practice starts soon, and I'm helping coach again.

Just around the corner is swim team, with practices starting in May and meets in June. Michael is excited to compete (and dive) again, while Ben has looked good enough in swim lessons that he might be ready to be on the team. They will have so much fun in all three sports, but yes, it's three sports that will overlap for a few weeks. I'm going to love watching them, but being a spectator really will be an active sport.


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