Talkin' 'bout the car wash

With temperatures blissfully climbing to 60 yesterday, Lori had a task for the boys and me: Get the cars cleaned out and washed. And not at the full-service car wash that costs $18 and you don't lift a finger, but rather at a self-serve car wash where you do all the vacuuming, soaping, rinsing and waxing. I was a little resistant to do this with the boys. Would they argue over who gets the vacuum first? Would they want to help me clean out all the garbage under the seats (and oh, was there ever a lot of garbage under the seats, including Pull-Ups, which Ben hasn't worn in two years)? Would they fight on who got to use the soap brush in the washing bay? At a full-serve car wash, the boys get to watch the whole process. Yesterday, they were going to be part of the whole process.

Lori got this one right: Having the boys help was fun. They did a good job, too, though Michael needs to understand that when he's wiping down a surface, he needs to wipe down the whole surface and not just drag the wipe across once. They did haggle a little over the soap brush, and I wasn't about to let Ben try the power washer (I did let Michael on our second car, for with Ben didn't come which), but I might make the car wash adventure a family thing from now on.


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