Spring days 43-44

Michael must have spent a lot of time in the sun today while at school. I noticed as he was walking into his swim workout that the back of his neck looked just a smidge sunburned. Yesterday was cloudy, so it didn't happen then. Lori thought maybe I didn't get sunblock on him for soccer practice, but that was after swim. He was outside at school -- his teacher will let his class have longer recesses on nice days -- and got some color on his fair skin.

Yes, that first tan/color/burn is proof spring has truly arrived. Break out the sunscreen.

Ben got his first hit of the season yesterday at his baseball game. The team is still struggling in the field. And it's not like we haven't been teaching them how to field -- it just doesn't seem to stick. Or it's just bad luck. A ball drops in front of the shortstop, and all he has to do is pick it up and touch second for the force out ... but he somehow can't pick the ball up. A ball gets hit to the second basemen, who immediately runs toward second base instead of fielding the ball coming right at him. A ball is his to the left side of the infield, and the first basemen runs all the way across to try to get to it. A ball is hit to right field and the right fielder doesn't run after it. These are great kids who are having fun and hitting the ball well. They are so young, though (a lot of first-graders and kids who've never played baseball until this year) that we're not winning games.

Ben knows what to do with the ball when he fields it (he had two force outs at third in one inning last week) but has been having a tough time again at bat. The first practice against the machine (this is a machine pitch league), he hit the ball four times in a row, leading us to think he figured out the batting challenge that he struggled with last year. Then he got his hands too far in front of the plate and got hit on the finger with the pitch. Since then, his confidence, and his swing, hasn't been the same. He was so excited to get the hit yesterday that he celebrated at every base.

Today was sunny, but I was mostly inside, finishing up the second season of "Game of Thrones" that had to be back at the library today and finishing a freelance assignment. But the soccer practices went well. It's good to be in May.


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