Summer 2013, Day 1

Yes, here it is, my first post of the summer. I'm happy to say, I was outside almost all day.

Our car was in the shop, and I took public transportation to get it (Salt Lake City's buses are so clean) followed by about a mile walk. When I got home, I got the backyard and patio ready for Ben's birthday party tomorrow and mowed the lawn. This took awhile simply because the patio gets overrun with stuff during the winter. Later on, I coached the boys' soccer practices. The wind picked up a little and it cooled off a bit, but the day was still nice. My outdoor adventures ended with a 1.5-mile walk with the dog.

I'm hoping the temperature gets a smidge warmer for Ben's water-themed birthday party tomorrow. Day 1 of my summer was good. Day 2 should be even better.


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