Spring, days 55-56

I'm back out on the front porch with my laptop for the first times this year.

It's good to be back.

After mowing the back lawn yesterday, I actually lounged in the sun on the lawn chair I bought last fall. The sun was warm (the temperature got to 91 degrees yesterday) and felt good, though I needed sunglasses (I b bought a new pair today). The boys were fortunate that it was so warm for their first outdoor swim practice.

The warmth continued today. Michael's baseball team won 9-8 in what seemed to be the slowest game ever (we only played 3 1/2 innings). I went to a physical medicine specialist for my herniated disk. He confirmed the diagnosis and gave me some guidance over the next two months (it's been feeling so much better the past three days -- I'm not sure what I did, but I'm not complaining). Embiggened by this news, I took the dog for a longer walk than I had the past month.

I'm looking forward to another wonderful day tomorrow and some more work in the yard. Summer is almost here.


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