Summer 2013, days 5-7

Got a little behind, catching up now:

Day 5, Memorial Day

Our somewhat uneventful weekend (at least after the busy Friday) continued on a gorgeous Memorial Day. The boys, Popcorn and I went for a hike up Rattlesnake Gulch in Milcreek Canyon. Ben had a gift card for Toys 'r' Us he wanted to use, so we went there. I grilled burgers for dinner and drank a generic cream soda, because generic cream soda in a can always reminds me of summer.

Day 6, Tuesday

The first, second and third grades at the boys' school had a field trip to a rec center, where we'd play games outside and then swim inside as part of their sports curriculum, and as a Tuesday co-oper, I got to help. The weather didn't cooperate, so we got to swim inside the whole time (a couple hours). Everyone had fun. I was one of the few co-opers that actually swam with the kids, and by the afternoon, I felt exhausted. Rain came down in buckets the rest of the day, canceling Michael's baseball game. I made pork fried rice for dinner.

Day 7, Wednesday

Today seemed so discombobulated. I was tired and couldn't get focused on the freelance work I wanted to get done. It rained more today, and Ben's baseball game was subsequently postponed. I made pasta for dinner. Oh, I also saw three deer in our neighborhood this morning while returning from taking the boys to school.


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