Spring, the finale

I'm calling it. Spring is over.

The weather is still springlike, with rain over the weekends but sun the last couple days. Baseball is still in full swing, with Michael's team winning again (the Cardinals are 9-1) and Ben's losing twice (the White Sox haven't won yet, but Ben made another nice pickup of a grounder tonight). School is winding down, and Memorial Day weekend looms.

And so, I'm declaring that after 64 days of non-astronomical Northern Hemisphere spring, summer has begun. I'm definitely blogging summer again, and hopefully will be more proficient than I was with the spring blogging effort. Between now and the first NFL game Sept. 5, 105 days of summer await. My goal for those 105 days is to not waste a minute of what could be the best summer ever.

Hey, spring was good. Insanely busy (today, for example, we unexpectedly had to get the Outback) into the shop to replace the starter, but good. The weather was agreeable, the boys had fun, and winter became a distant memory. But it's over. Let the summer begin.


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