Summer 2013, Day 3

At the beginning of the year, a goal for 2013 was to be down to 200 pounds by Memorial Day. I was well on my way before I herniated a disk -- the injury sidetracked all the exercise I had been doing that had helped reduce the weight.

Well, I'm not going to make 200 by Monday. But I was happy to see 211 this morning when I stepped on the scale. That's two pounds less before I got injured and gained a few back, and 18 for the year. I still think 200 is doable this summer, and I think I look better (I was wearing a pair of swim trunks yesterday while tying water balloons for Ben's party, and they were actually a little loose). But I'm happy for this minor victory -- I got through the discouragement of the injury and am healthier for summer.

And I'm back exercising, though not running. I did take Popcorn for a 2-mile hike on her favorite off-leash trail. The rest of Saturday, with no sports or other commitments whatsoever, was nice, too. We went to the library and Trader Joe's this morning. I bought a new pair of sandals at REI. After dinner, we played Ticket to Ride on the patio.

Memorial Day weekends in past years have partially or completely sucked, merely because of one last jolt of cold, rainy spring. This year's is turning out to be perfect. And it's only halfway done.


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