Summer 2014, Day 10

The boys swam a practice, intrasquad meet tonight -- a tuneup before the season starts next week. Michael swam OK -- you could tell he needs to get more laps under his belt because the endurance just isn't there yet. For example, the first 25 of his 50 breaststroke was fast, but then he tired out on the second half. Ben swam fast but got tripped up by technical details. He didn't take enough strokes after seeing the flag on his backstroke (his arm also hit the lane line); he forgot to touch the wall with two hands on the breaststroke and butterfly; he performed a flip turn too soon on his 50 free and wasn't near the wall when he was done. That said, every time he got tonight was a PR over last season. Once he figures out the mechanics, he's going to be cruising.

:Lori and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Sea Salt. We are vowing that will be our last time out to eat until vacation in July. I helped time the swim meet, so I only took Popcorn for about a 2-mile walk after we got home. Today was the boys' last full day of school; just a half-day tomorrow and summer vacation begins!


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