Summer 2014, Day 17

The first super busy week (of three) began today. The boys had their first morning swim practice of the season and then basketball camp in the afternoon. Lori took them to swim, and I think it went off without a hitch.

I took them to basketball camp -- three hours of hoops fun -- and stayed the entire time while I also worked. Ben had a lot of fun, saying it was a good day. Michael had fun, too, but anything basketball-related is old hat for him. This was Ben's first exposure to this much basketball -- dribbling, shooting, passing -- all at once. He's never going to be a comp player like Michael, but I would like him to become good enough to hold his own in rec play. He's not bad little shooter (though he's so skinny he can't shoot from too far out -- he's been challenging himself to make a free throw), and hopefully he'll some more confidence dribbling after this week.

I got home to an early Father's Day present. Lori and I have talked about getting an iPad for a long time, and I found a good price on a refurbished third-generation device. This was going to be a "surprise" from the boys. The surprise was that it got here sooner than expected and that the boys didn't want to wait for Sunday. So I got my Father's Day present six days early. The boys and I bought a case for it after dinner, and I purchased my first game for it: Ticket to Ride.

Dinner was grilled ribs, and I took the dog for a long walk in the evening. Monday complete.


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