Summer 2014, Day 21

We can chalk this Friday the 13th up as being the first official lazy day of summer.

Michael played Minecraft with his best friend from across the street for hours starting this morning, and Ben's best friend is out of town. Around noon, I started realizing I had very little incentive to do much today. I had caught up with all my freelance work and was looking forward to a work-free weekend. That went out the window when I was informed that I had been given the wrong documents for a news release I wrote this week So much for my work-free weekend, though I'm not rushing to rewrite the release after their mistake. But the debacle put me in a more restless mood.

Ben and I did get out of the house, going to the game store for a birthday present and to some thrift stores (found a classic version of Risk and kids Penguins jersey for Ben). I got home and the boredom was really setting in. Michael complained his friend and Ben were suggesting things he didn't want to do. I even offered to take them to the pool and he didn't want to go. Lori reminded me that this is why we schedule so much during the summer. Maybe we were all just tired after the long week.

Lori met some friends out in the evening, so it was just the boys and I. I made ravioli for dinner, and we played Carcassonne (Michael won). We took the dog and drove to the H Rock to watch the sunset and to at least get out on a nice summer night. The dog had thrown up a little bile during the day and I wanted to get her outside and see how she felt. She was stoked and ran the whole time on the short hike. Though it was getting cloudy as we left the house, we caught the sun dipping below Antelope Island at the perfect time (unfortunately, the camera on my phone didn't cooperate).

Michael wanted to climb up to the actual H Rock, and the dog followed. He came down another way, but that trail was a little steep too, and he decided to scoot down the last 30 feet or so on his butt. Watching him do this, he looked like he was 3 again. Maybe it was his longer hair right now or being bunched up as he scooted, but I was taken back to when he was littler. He got to the bottom and stood up, betraying the preschooler image by standing 5-foot-4. But it was nice to see the little kid in him still, even for a moment, amid the 10-year-old he's become. And it was a reminder that even lazy days can be special, and making them so is important while the kids are still kids.


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