Summer 2014, Day 11

At my sons' school, the last day before summer vacation is just like many other schools' last day -- a little celebration of the completed year. At Open Classroom, it's even more of a party: The kids gets individualized awards for their contributions to the class, there's a brunch in every room, and parents can take their children home earlier than the already earlier dismissal time.

My grade school, St. Eugene, was similar, except we finished with Mass and got our report cards. We were free, and it was awesome. My boys didn't seem as excited today. Ben was sad because one of his friends -- the only one he's been a classmate of all three years at the OC -- is moving this summer to Washington. Michael was mellow, too, though not sad: When we went to pick him up (his class did awards before Ben's), he was sitting with his friend Hazel, who gave him a big hug goodbye and said to call her (but don't call her his girlfriend -- he got so mad when I even implied it last week!). I played "Summer Belongs to You" by Phineas and Ferb on the way home, like I do every year after school ends. We got home and had a "Now what?" moment. Ben got on the computer to play Club Penguin. Michael and two neighborhood friends set up an unsuccessful Otter Pop stand. I mowed the lawn.

Later, Michael had basketball practice -- his first team practice with the comp program he's been doing skill sessions with for a couple months. The coaches worked him hard, to the point he thought he was going to throw up after. He'll get used to the level of play soon enough. I checked in on the baseball game he was missing -- the Giants won to advance to the championship game. Another short walk with the dog and some writing on the porch to complete the day.

I'm sure I won't be as antsy as I sometimes felt this afternoon. Summer vacation really begins tomorrow.


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