Summer 2014, days 29-31: The calm, the storm

Oops, another break in the blogging action, but here's my chance to catch up again. The weekend was mellower than normal. We had a Saturday with no sports whatsoever. OK, we did see a Salt Lake Bees game, but the boys didn't have any sports. We hit a few garage sales in the morning (and found Michael a bicycle -- he outgrew his previous one, quickly), and I took the dog on a hike in Millcreek Canyon.

The baseball game was fun, even though the Bees lost. This was a group event for the boys' swim team, and Ben hung out with his friends for much of the game. There was a fireworks show afterward, and people were allowed onto the field to get a better view. Ben was somehow the first one out there, and he made a run to hit all points of the grass spectators were allowed. Lori was worried he was clueless about us (we hadn't made it on the field yet), but I knew that Ben knew exactly what he was doing. He wasn't lost -- this was his plan all along. The fireworks were short, and we made it home.

Sunday was even mellower. I worked out in the morning. Michael had a good school friend over the entire afternoon, and they hung out, rode bikes, splashed in the kiddie pool, and enjoyed their time together -- time they don't get as much of during the summer (this fall, they will be in the same class for the fourth school year in a row). Lori and I watched the U.S.-Portugal World Cup game (how did they give up that late goal?). I actually sat in the kiddie pool for five minutes before the kids invaded -- it was chilly but nice on the hot day.

The mellow weekend was a precursor to what might be the busiest summer week we've ever had as a family. Michael has basketball camp, three basketball practices, a basketball tournament, and swim team; Ben has soccer camp and swim (practice and a meet Wednesday). Needless to say, there was a lot of running around today, more by Lori, but I did take MPG to his two-hour hoops practice and walked the dog four miles. The week only gets busier, and I'm hoping the boys don't wear out before it's done.


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