Summer 2015: Day 56 -- Vacation, Day 1

With most of our vacations, we are on such a tight timetable because we are catching a flight. Today, with us driving down to St. George simply to be closer to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, we were able to take our time.  And, oh, did it feel good.

That’s not to say we weren’t busy all morning. We packed, got some last-minute things from Walmart, took Popcorn to the family watching her, and so on, but there was never the crazy urgency we feel every year (and will when we fly back to Chicago in the fall). And we left around 1:30 and took our time to get to St. George.  We ran into some rain and thunderstorms along the way, but the drive still went quickly.

In St. George, we went to Wing Nutz for dinner, which was a change of pace for us. The boys loved it (even though Ben didn’t get wings, but with my poultry allergy, neither did I …), and then we went to Yogurtland next door for dessert. We went to the pool and hot tub at the hotel when we got back, and watched The Maze Runner on HBO in the room. A nice mellow start to our eight-day trip. Tomorrow, the Grand Canyon!


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