Summer 2015: Day 61 -- Vacation Day 6

This was the last day of the tournament, and Michael's team played a 9 a.m. game, then a second game -- the championship of the division -- if it won its first. The schedule changed because of the forfeiting team, which helped us into the title game after winning the early game 30-24 against the same team we beat yesterday. This one wasn't quite as physical, and Michael played great with 7 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

Unfortunately, the championship game was rough. We played the same team we lost to two days earlier, and we were without one of our best ball-handlers, who had to catch a plane (with the original schedule, we were only supposed one game at 9 a.m.). After racing to a 5-0 lead, the offense fell apart and committed too many turnovers that were converted into easy points. Michael played great again but got so beat up as the only tall player against a team with at least four bigs who could play guard. So, E3 finished in second place, and the boys got medals.

After eating at In 'n' Out Burger for lunch, we spent a few hours by the lazy river and pool. Dinner was simple salads and sandwiches in the room. We headed downtown to Fremont Street (and I accidentally drove in a bus lane to get there -- doh!) to watch the video show and take in the spectacle that is downtown Vegas. The craziest thing I saw -- a 60ish-year-old man dressed in skimpy Cupid outfit walking with an Elvis impersonator (and I must mention the nearly naked guy in a G-string playing guitar). We took the Strip home, which took awhile but allowed Michael to snap a lot of pictures.

I'm outside in one of the common areas typing this up, enjoying a beer. I can see the light emanating from the Luxor and the south end of the Strip from my vantage point. Las Vegas is always something else (I almost like downtown better than the Strip). I'm glad we let Michael play in the tournament -- he got a lot of valuable experience, and we had a lot of fun.


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