Summer 2015: Day 59 -- Vacation Day 4

Michael's basketball tournament started today, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with his team playing one game today. E3 lost 52-39, unfortunately, as they got off to a slow start and never recovered. Michael struggled a little, too, picking up three quick fouls but being a tall player (probaby four inches above than his next tallest teammate) against a team of tall players -- he provided help on defense and the boards.

The loss was an only blot on a great day, and the game was still fun for Michael and the rest of us. I worked out on an elliptical at the hotel in the morning, and then we went down to the pool for an hour before lunch and Michael's game. After the game, we went to Metro Pizza, recommended by one of my co-workers, for dinner. We had a lot of pizza left over that we put in the fridge when we got back to the room, which will make for good leftovers tomorrow.

Our day wasn't finished, as we went to the resort's lazy river, then to the pool, to cool off in the Vegas heat. When I think about what was my favorite of this day, it was playing catch with a water bomb with the boys in the pool. That's just another sobering reminder of how I need to treasure the little moments as much as the big moments.


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