Summer 2015: Day 58 -- Vacation, Day 3

We were all awake early this morning, really early as we are still on Utah time, and went out to see the sun rise over the Grand Canyon. Though we were a couple minutes late on the actual sunrise, the spectacle was still amazing. I went down to the lodge's overlook to write with the amazing view as a backdrop, then the boys and Lori found me and we went to breakfast. We got back to the room ... and it started to poor outside; our timing was perfect. We rode the storm out and went for another hike to Bright Angel Point, right as the fog lifted. The view again was great, as was our timing, because it started to rain again as we left.

Lori had this idea of driving to the South Rim before going to Vegas, but we discovered that would add an extra four hours to the trip. If we had thought of it sooner, we could have managed, but it was too late. Instead, we stopped at Pipe Spring National Monument on the Arizona Strip, where Ben got another Junior Ranger badge. After reprovisioning at the nearby gas station, Lori drove us to Vegas while Michael listened to "The Scorch Trials" on a book on CD.

We got into Vegas about 6 p.m. and to our hotel -- the Tahiti Village, more of a condo complex south of the Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard. We went grocery shopping and bought dinner at Whole Foods. I took the boys down to the pool for a late swim. As far as travel days go, this was pretty good.


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