Summer 2015: Day 60 -- Vacation, Day 5

We knew today was going to be a long one, with Michael having two afternoon basketball games and a 1.5 hour break in between. So, I took the boys down to the pool early to get them some non-hoops fun before the day got so busy. The water was a little chilly, but we had fun before going back to the room for lunch.

We arrived at the convention center to discover that we automatically won the first game because the opponent was fielding an illegal team (it had sixth-grade players for a fifth-grade division). The game was still played with a running clock, and Michael's coach was more laid back knowing it didn't count. The second game was bruising -- the foe played an aggressive, almost too physical defense that the refs let them get away with. Michael was so exhausted afterward but played great against a team with many tall players.

Because he played so hard, we let him pick the restaurant for dinner, and he wanted sushi. On another recommendation from a co-worker, we went to Sushi Mon, an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant that was delicious. Dessert was even included, and we paid probably half for our meal that we would have on the Strip (if we ordered the same number of rolls). Both boys ate a lot of sushi and were content. We stopped at Smith's for some provisions and came back to the hotel and all turned in early.


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