Summer 2015: Day 43

The Fourth of July always seems like the apex of summer, even though there's two months left it until Labor Day. People strive so hard to reach summer, enjoy the whirlwind of June, hit Independence Day, enjoy it, then realize that it's kind of downhill from here. That's OK, so long as you make the most of the two months you have remaining.

I thought we did a good job of July 5. Nothing too crazy, but a fun day. We actually had some rain this morning, and I sat on the porch with my laptop and it felt just a little bit like Chicago in the summer. That was nice, and a welcome relief after two scorching weeks. I eventually went to a Body Pump class at the JCC, which was challenging but felt good. Michael had a friend over this afternoon, and the original plan was to go to the pool, but ... there was the deal with the cloudy skies and the rain. So they hung out, but then something amazing happened: The sun came back, countering the forecast of an overcast day. The boys were getting antsy, so we did end up at the pool. They had fun, and I enjoyed the water in what turned out to be a somewhat hot afternoon.

We made it home in time to grill and watch the U.S. women's soccer team defeat Japan to win the World Cup. I got Popcorn out for a long walk, and am now sitting on the porch typing. The overcast skies never came back, which is unfortunate because we really do need the rain, and it would be nice to finally open our windows again at night. But at least the day turned out great. The weekend was great, too. Back to work in the morning, but I'm thankful for the past three days of family time. As frustrating as this summer has been at times, it's had its highlights as well. Hurray for the highlights!


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