Summer 2015: Day 62 -- Vacation Day 7

We wrapped up vacation today, and it is good to be home.

Originally, we planned to come back Saturday, and I was a little disappointed when Lori suggested we come back a day earlier. After all, we weren't getting the long trip we are used to every summer in favor of a week now and a week in October. And this week went by so fast -- we went to the Grand Canyon, came to Vegas, watched Michael play some basketball, and it was over.

But we didn't have anything booked for Friday night. I suggested to Lori this morning we at least go to Hoover Dam for something memorable before we drove home. She agreed it was a good idea, and we made our way across Las Vegas' suburbs to the dam.

I'm glad we went. We paid the fee to take an elevator into the actual dam, which was so cool. I wouldn't have known what everything was without the tour, but afterward, I felt like an expert. Ben and I walked across the dam into Arizona and snapped some pictures along the way. Then we piled into the car and headed back to Salt Lake.

The trip home wasn't as arduous as I feared it might be. We stopped in St. George to fill up the car, then at a Dairy Queen in Payson for a quick dinner. Today was Pioneer Day, and we hit the Utah and Salt Lake valleys right at dusk, just in time to see fireworks bursting in the sky all over for the remaining hour of the trip. This was kind of a cool way to conclude the trip, 15 years to the day that Lori and I first arrived in Utah.

No, this wasn't the grand trip we take every year, but it was something for just us -- the driving adventures we don't get to do very often -- and it was memorable. And I'm happy we are home with two days before work and the crazy routine starts up again. Vacation may be over, but the relaxation isn't yet.

Oh, Michael won Slug Bug this trip. The game is on for future vacations. It's so on.


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