Summer 2016: Days 108-112

We're definitely in the homestretch. Still jumped in the pool today because it was hot -- and that felt summer.

I won't sugarcoat it: The last few days have been busy. I am in a jam-packed stretch of deadlines at work, but I'm not stressed -- I'm enjoying the work and am still in such a better place than six months ago. It feels a little, well, stifling because I'm still figuring out the work/life balance now that school has started again, but I'm confident I'll get there.

School is progressing for the boys. Basketball and swim are going to start up again soon, and we just had our first soccer practice Tuesday. I ran for the first time in months Sunday, and it felt good, but I still feel pudgy. But at least I'm getting some sort of exercise every day. Saturday, the boys' school hosted a sort of scavenger hunt, and Ben and I walked all over the Avenues for two hours -- it was quite a workout.

Today, Ben had a playdate after school, so Michael and I went to the JCC and he practiced some basketball and I worked by the pool. And I got to jump in. We were about to leave, and I realized I needed to jump in one more time. Summer will be over soon and these opportunities will disappear until next year.


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