Summer 2016, Day 94; Vacation, Day 7

Seven days of vacation in the book already! Going too fast ...

We woke up to more rain today, so the plan was to do either laser tag or an indoor waterpark before departing Merrill. Unfortunately, the laser tag place was closed, despite its answering machine and storefront sign saying its hours of operations began at noon. So instead, we went to the indoor waterpark -- and we all felt it was a better option: more family time to interact rather than shoot each other. I dared this insanely fast bowl waterslide with Ben (two times!), and the boys got to hang with their soon-to-be new cousin.

Ben was so sad to leave, but we eventually hit the road and made good time to Milwaukee, where we had Kopp's for dinner. The trip to Chicago was easy, and we arrived at my dad's house for the next phase of our trip.


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