Summer 2016: Day 101

Today was the recovery day after vacation. We picked up Popcorn from the sitter; she looks a little thinner (it turns out, she didn't want to always eat when we're not around) but was good these last two weeks for her temporary family. And she was quite happy to see us again, and ate every bowl we put in front of her when we got home.

We unpacked the car, did laundry, and tried to sort out our lives again. Lori made a big trip to Costco. Michael and I took the RAV to a car wash and thoroughly cleaned it out. We also went to Walmart for a few more supplies for the first week of school. Lori made pulled pork sandwiches for dinner, and we watched the Olympics. I took the dog for a walk.

Finally, we all took a deep breath. School starts soon, vacation is over. We needed a brief reset and got it.


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