Summer 2016: Days 78-82

Here comes August. We are in the home stretch on summer, and the boys start school in three weeks.

The past few days have been moderately eventful. We bought a new washing machine on Friday, then watched Michael's team win the consolation bracket of the 3-on-3 tournament he played in. Lori's birthday was Saturday, and we did housework and I grilled while she got to relax. I took the boys to the pool all day Sunday and got a little sunburned. We watched "Sharknado 4" last night. Today was busy with work and swim practices, but I did manage an hour-long walk with the dog. And it even rained a little bit Saturday, but it's still pretty hot.

I've liked this summer so far. It hasn't been the overall reset I was hoping for, but that will come once the boys start school. I managed to clean out my top shelves on my side of the closet and clear out the bathroom drawers and cabinet Saturday -- projects that feel like progress, which I hope to continue once the reset hits full swing. For now, I'm content to enjoy these last few weeks.


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