Summer 2016, Day 93; Vacation, Day 6

The weather in the North Woods still didn't wasn't so cooperative today, but we managed to still have fun outdoors. First, I took the boys on a hike at a rather big park in Merrill with a few miles of trails. Ben found a geocache, and we thankfully weren't rained on.

Later in the afternoon, we went go-karting in Minocqua. Michael was a pro, and Ben, his first time driving, didn't crash. I only did one ride -- the go-karts were awfully small and uncomfortable -- but the boys went three times before we headed back to Merrill.

The evening was spent playing board games: Ticket to Ride (I won), The Resistance and Redneck Life. No, we haven't had great weather this trip up north, but today, we made do.


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