Summer 2016: Day 30

Ben's meet continued this morning, and finally, the heat wave broke. Rain swept through Utah, and hit was precipitating off and on all day, much to the happiness of our front lawn. Ben swam a couple races well but struggled with his 100 free -- he's doing something funky with his hips, which is slowing him down. But he got a best in his 200 IM and swam the best-looking breaststroke of his life.

The rest of the day was mellow, mellow, mellow. We were all tired, and though I went to Costco, I didn't do too much else. And before I knew it, 7 p.m. arrived. We went to Five Guys for lunch and got Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner (and Michael and I had Egg McMuffins for breakfast -- yes, it was that kind of eating day). I got Popcorn out for a little walk in the evening, then sat outside to write in the cool post-rain night.


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