Summer 2016: Day 49

Ben didn't go to swim practice this morning, so I got to sleep in a little. That kicked off what was mostly a mellow day. I worked in the morning and into the afternoon, then took the boys and two of their friends to the pool. I actually didn't swim much and worked instead, but I did jump in for a few minutes. The boys didn't mind and were happy swimming with the friends for a few hours. Michael did have swim practice during that time, and the skies got cloudy, windy, and a little drizzly, but Ben didn't mind (and neither did Michael when he got out of practice). We came home and watched more of the swimming trials (I was more tired than I thought and dozed off for a few minutes), then I ran to Walmart quickly. I'm on the porch and it's definitely cooler. Storms are in the forecast tomorrow, and for one day, I won't mind.


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