Summer 2016: Days 47-48

Hot. So hot. But I am determined to not spend my summer inside. I have a job that allows me flexibility to work anyplace, and therefore, I'm going to work outside, 100-degree temperatures be damned. This has been almost liberating -- working in the backyard, wearing a pair of swim trunks, dumping a bucket of water over my head when I'm sweating too much, going back to work after the cooling off, and repeating as necessary. I'm amazingly getting a lot done this way -- more than if I was inside in the AC. Summer, you are my partner, no matter how much heat you throw my way.

I did take the boys to the pool yesterday evening (and worked there, too, and jumping in a couple times -- tried my first-ever knee dive of the side of the pool) to escape the heat. This morning, Ben had a swim meet in American Fork that I took him to. He was DQ'd in the 100 fly despite swimming a fast time, and he popped in the 200 free. We went to In 'n' Out for lunch. Michael had basketball practice in the evening, and I got a little work done from there. Took Popcorn on a short walk tonight -- it hasn't cooled off much, and I don't want to overheat her (or me). The weather shouldn't be quite as hot tomorrow, and then thunderstorms to end the week. I won't mind either.


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