Summer 2016: Day 38

Father's Day! I slept later than normal, read The New York Times in the backyard while eating homemade Egg McMuffins that were lovingly prepared by Lori, and then ... did a BodyPump class. I had been debating whether I was actually going to work out this morning, and my right arm was sore yesterday from golfing, but I had to take Michael to the JCC yesterday for a private basketball coaching session, so I bit the bullet. I wasn't as sore afterward this week as last.

After getting home and lounging for a couple hours (I've been trying to finish up the O.J. Simpson documentary), we all went on a hike to reach the nearby Living Room -- rock formations that look like furniture. The trail was too sunny, and Popcorn began to overheat, so Ben and I continued while Lori and Michael took her back down to the car. Afterward, we picked up Jersey Mike's subs and came home to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals (Cavs won, 93-89).

I finished watching the miniseries and am on the porch writing tonight. Another busy week lies ahead -- par for the course for our summers. A great Father's Day is one of the perks each summer brings.


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