Summer 2016: Day 27

"This never gets old!"

Those words were proclaimed by Ben after he dove off the diving board for maybe the 20th time today while we were at the pool. Michael had swim practice in the indoor pool, and Ben and I swam in the outdoor pool in the already too hot Utah late afternoon. I jumped off the diving board twice. Ben went over and over. He wouldn't try a flip, but kept doing the same dive each time.

The water felt great today. Eventually, Michael came out and wanted to swim so more, so he and Ben did while I lounged on the deck.

The rest of the day actually felt long. We watched the Cavaliers crush the Warriors in Game 3. I took Popcorn to the park to throw the ball to her, but she's out of shape and didn't feel like running a lot.

But folks, it's summer. And it never gets old.


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