Summer 2016: Day 28

I ate like crap today. I feel a little chunky and have gained six pounds or so since March. And I've been meaning to eat better and exercise more -- especially since Tom died. And yet, today, I ate like crap.

Do I blame it on the first week of summer and adjusting to the new schedule? Or the fact I'm in the air-conditioned kitchen a little more often than I should? Or that the heat is making me burn more energy and I'm craving more food? Excuses. Maybe next week will be better.

Today was good nonetheless. Lori and I both were running around a lot. Michael met a friend at a neighborhood pool, and Ben had a swim meet, and Michael had swim practice and basketball practice back to back.

I got some work done at the pool and then resisted doing nothing. Instead, I jumped in the pool. It felt great, and was a good reminder that these opportunities don't happen often -- sometimes, the water is calling and you have to answer. Sure, it might have been easier to stay in the sun and be dry and not had to change. But then, thinking of Tom, I hopped in. He wouldn't have bypassed the moment, so neither did I.


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