Summer 2013, Day 11

I came out onto the balcony at work to blog and watch the sunset and captured this image to the west:

These clouds just  rolled in, interrupting an other perfectly clear day. A breeze has picked up 10 stories above Salt Lake City's downtown as well. But the sun is starting to dip below the clouds toward the mountains of Antelope Island below.

I slept late this morning after the busy day Saturday. Michael was sleeping over in a tent across the street, and at about 5:30, he knocked on our door because he had to pee (evidently, he was too shy to go into his best friend's house to do so). I was planning on sleeping late anyway. I took Popcorn for a hike in the morning on her favorite trail (today is her second birthday). The rest of the afternoon was spent folding clothes, watching the Cubs, figuring out our schedules for the next month, and otherwise relaxing. I'm at work now, and after a mediocre experience at Costa Vida for dinner and a slow news day, am ready to go home and embark upon another summer week.

Here's the sunset, so bright right now that the camera on my phone wasn't sure how to capture it effectively. The boys are out of school in two days. Lori commented today that summer is going to fly by before we know it. I know it. Enjoy every sunset.


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