Summer 2013, Day 36

As predicted, today was a scorcher, but we made the most of it.

While Ben was at soccer camp, I took Michael and his best friend to the waterpark. We have season passes that allow us to get in at 9:30 a.m. (non-passholders have to wait until noon). With the temperature projected to hit 100, I figured the waterpark would get crowded in the afternoon -- I was a little surprised how crowded it was at 10 a.m. But we got there early enough to get inside easily and then quickly get tubes. We staked out a shady spot, and the boys went off to splash on their own. I was thinking I'd relax with a magazine in the shade, but I ended up going in the wave pool and the lazy river with the boys. The lines got so long for the water slides, and the water for one big section of the park was hypothermia-cold, but the boys had fun nonetheless. We left at the right time -- the park was absolutely packed as we departed.

Once home, Michael hung out by his friend's house and Ben returned home from soccer camp. We rested for a little while, then I oversaw Ben and his best friend splash in the kiddie pool I had filled up that morning. After thinking I could just relax in the sun, I was soon drawn into/was the primary target of the water fight. It's funny: the waterpark was fun this morning, but I had more fun with a 20-inch deep kiddie pool, some squirt guns and a bucket that kept getting poured over our heads. Maybe the crowds are too annoying -- Ben and I didn't have to wait in any lines or avoid other people this afternoon.

Michael had baseball practice in the evening, and I'm pleased to report that  he stayed in the batter's box during hitting practice. We rewarded the boys with Otter Pops after the game. I threw a tennis ball to Popcorn for her exercise, as I was too tired for a long walk. The heat had finally worn me down.


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