Summer 2013, Day 30

At last, we did something that wasn't organized today.

The boys had swim practice in the morning, and after coming home, they wanted to hang out with their friends. I let them and watched two episodes of "Falling Skies" on the DVR. By the end, I was ready to do something, but I felt sort of bad to pull them away from their friends who they hadn't seen all week. However, the day was too nice and I was anxious, so I made an executive decision: Hike. Michael's best friend came along as we drove to Millcreek Canyon and hiked Rattlesnake Gulch to the Pipeline Trail, then over to the Salt Lake Valley overlook.

The hike took about 90 minutes, and the boys and the dog did really well. At the end of the trail, I commented to the boys how great it was we could drive 10 minutes and hike 45 to get hike up a mountain and get this view. When I was a kid, the most scenic hike I could hope for was walking to the Kennedy Expressway to watch cars and L trains speed by. We returned to the car without incident and drove home.

I grilled burgers and hot dogs for dinner, then bought some firewood to finally try the small portable fire pit we bought last year. I am so not an outdoorsman and couldn't get the fire quite going; Lori fared better, but we still had some flameouts. The boys managed to make s'mores, and after Lori went inside, I tended the fire and found some kindling -- I was determined to burn at least some of the firewood I bought. I managed to get it sort of going for a while, and Ben joined me outside after 10 to enjoy the warmth. Finally, the flames went out, I washed out the embers, and the day was complete.


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