Summer 2013, Day 23

The temperature took a turn away from too hot to amazingly pleasant today. The evening did get a little cool, but I can live with that.

The day started off with swim practice for the boys. I was up earlier than I would have liked, so I dozed off pretty efficiently when we got home. But, determined to not let a summer day go to waste, the boys and I took the Outback to the do-it-yourself car wash for a thorough cleaning and vacuuming. Ben picked out a new car scent car freshener from the vending machine. The car needed this badly, and cleaning it out with the boys is always fun -- they did a great job helping.

I went to what I hope is my last physical therapy appointment for by herniated disk that isn't bothering any more and came away with an exercise plan so it doesn't bother me again. I took Ben to a swim stroke clinic, then Michael to the grocery store to get some chips for a party we were going to tonight.

After a fun, successful season, the St. Ambrose Cardinals gathered to have some fun outside of baseball (and to give their parents a chance to mingle away from the diamond as well). Michael's coach really loved this team and had custom t-shirts made for the players (and for the assistant coaches -- I got one too). He encouraged Michael to keep playing (conveniently, Michael's first all-star team practice is tomorrow) and thanked me for helping out this season. Michael has been on so many sports teams over the past years that I can tell when the parents and coaches are just attending and when they feel like a family, and these Cardinals were truly a family.

I finished the day walking Popcorn and sitting on the porch on with a sweatshirt on, typing this post. Hello, weekend.


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