Summer 2013, days 8-10

Egad, it's been a busy few days. Last night, I went to take my laptop outside only to discover it had no little juice. So I tried killing time on my desktop while the laptop charged, playing Candy Crush Saga and registering Ben for soccer camp .. only to discover I wasn't in the mood to go back outside. So I'm here on Sunday morning recapping the last three days. Already in June ...

Day 8, Thursday, May 30
Three days later, I can't even remember Thursday. Let's see, Michael had a soccer game, and I ran Ben's team's practice while he was at a swim team beginning-of-the-season party. Wow, I really don't recall the afternoon. Errands? Freelance work? I finished off the first season of "Homeland" -- I wonder if that was everything I did Thursday.

Day 9, Friday, May 31
More sports, more freelance work. Ben had a baseball game and lost 24-7, but he got only his second hit of the year and connected on five foul balls. I missed almost all of Michael's game -- his team won 17-2.

Day 10, Saturday, June 1
Day 10, Saturday, June 1

This was one of those busy Saturdays we get a couple times a year that we wonder how we survive. But we did. Michael had his last soccer game of the season in the morning, but the Scorpions got crushed. Same issues as before -- the other team runs and plays hard, we don't. Even Michael struggled in goal, though he played well when he wasn't keeper. He was tired -- we all slept late (for us) on Saturday morning -- but we should have done better against a team we played tough a few weeks ago.

We came home, then went to Ben's soccer game, also, the last game of the season. I lost track of that score, but it was a close, hard-fought game. After giving up five goals in the first half, we shut the other team down in the second half and caught up. Ben wasn't at his best-- he was tired and a little sick -- but had fun. We got caught up in a Wendy's drive-thru for lunch and had little time to eat before Ben had another baseball game while Michael was in a turn/dive clinic for swim team.

The White Sox only had five kids show up. We only had seven Friday, and we knew we'd be shorthanded because the school a bunch of our kids attend had a violin recital Saturday. The head coach was at the concert too, so I ran the team. We borrowed two players from a team that played before us, but it was still technically a forfeit. That said, we won, 11-8, for the first time this season! I wish we had more kids to celebrate it. Ben was still tired and struck out every time at bat. He came around enough to go to a birthday party later and have fun, but it just wasn't a good sports day for him

On the same field, Michael's team played its second game of the playoffs against the only team that beat the Cardinals this season. In a close game, the Cardinals beat the Green Hornets 10-7! Michael struck out once and walked twice. After the game, the two of us went for sushi (yes, Michael likes sushi) while Lori and Ben were at the birthday party.

The day ended with a long walk for the dog. We were exhausted. Michael slept over at his best friend's backyard in a tent; Ben zonked out watching a movie. The crazy Saturday had come to its conclusion.


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