Summer 2013, Day 38

At about 6 p.m., Lori showed me the weather app on her phone. The temperature in Riverton, Utah, was 104 degrees.

I'm outside on the porch at 10:45 p.m. Sunset was almost two hours ago. I looked at the temperature clock we have before coming outside: 84 degrees.

It was so hot today that our air conditioning can't keep up with cooling the house. I tried cleaning the filter and am contemplating putting a new one tomorrow, but the AC was sufficiently cooling the house yesterday when it was just high 90s. Triple-digit temperatures are winning.

The boys competed in a kids multi-sport race this morning, with Ben skipping the wheeled part and simply running 1.1 miles. Michael did the whole race, 1.1 miles on his bike and 1.1 miles running, and finished second in his age group and fourth overall. Thankfully, the race ended before it got too hot. We came home and made bacon, pancakes and egg muffins for breakfast/lunch.

I didn't want Michael to overtire himself before his baseball game, so we stayed inside the rest of the afternoon before driving out to Riverton. The dugouts at the baseball complex were shaded, but the bleachers weren't, so we were in the sun. A big cloud obscured the sun for about 20 minutes, and when it moved on, for the first time ever I got mad at a cloud for letting the sun reappear.

Michael didn't get into the game, and his team lost by the slaughter rule 15-0 in only four innings. I'm hoping he gets into Monday's game, but the last few practices, he didn't exactly put forth much of an effort, so this might be a good lesson for him. We went to Barbacoa for dinner afterward, then came home to discover the house lost the battle against the sun.

Not only is it warm tonight, but it's a bit humid as well. I'm going to be outside for a while, and I'm ready to get an ice pack to wedge against my neck. We're supposed have triple digits deep into next week. I better adapt.


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