Summer 2013, Day 18

Sundays during our summers are bittersweet because I work at the newspaper in the evening.. I go in about 4, so I never quite feel we can do anything momentous during the day. Today was no exception, though it was mellow and productive at the same time.

I took Popcorn to the off-leash trail early this morning so she could get some exercise before the temperature got too high today. She ran around and got other dogs to chase her, then fielding a tennis ball but knocking it down a steep, wooded hillside just at the end of our walk (that's three lost tennis balls in the last four hikes).   I got home, ate breakfast, then dozed off for a little bit while watching a Biography Channel on "The Silence of the Lambs." In the afternoon, I cleared out the back of the Outback of all sports equipment and extraneous hats, sweatshirts, umbrellas and garbage. I then put the bike rack atop the car in the hopes of getting the bike Lori bought at a garage sale for $20 to a shop to get it tuned up.

And those were the highlights of the day. We watched the last few innings of the Cubs' 4-1 victory over the Pirates, and then I went to work. As per my usual Sunday night routine, I'm on the balcony watching the sunset (alas, obscured by a few clouds tonight, but it has cooled off). Tomorrow will be busy with swim team, basketball camp, and more swim team. But at least I won't have to work.


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