Summer 2015: Day 21

With me working full-time, I need weekends to be productive in many ways. I need to get a couple work things done to get a jump on the next week, which is a jumble of chauffeuring and sports and time in front of my laptop earning a living. I need to get things around the house done that I might not have gotten to the week before. And I need to enjoy family time.

On this Saturday, I achieved all three. I got some work done, emptied out the Outback in advance of us selling it, bought a new thermostat and watched as our neighbor helped me install it (OK, he pretty much did it all, but I like to think I assisted ...), and I watched Michael's basketball game this morning and went to Ben's end-of-season baseball picnic. It wasn't an all-out fun extravaganza, but it was a good summer outing. Watched some of the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup game (they won), socialized with the neighbors, and explained to Michael how the Outback worked.

Michael has a friend sleeping over tonight, and they were playing night games until a few minutes ago but are now back inside playing video games. They are letting Ben join in. I know they thought today was a good summer day, even if they don't recognize the significance yet. I hope they will someday.


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