Summer 2015: Day 26

Today was a scorcher. Salt Lake rarely gets humid, but just very bright, and the sun was hot today. Thankfully, the AC on the car works, as does the AC in the house (though I really need to change the filter tomorrow). The boys are handling the heat fine, though, despite all the sports. At least one gym today was air conditioned.

The day culminated with "Buddy Night" for the boys' swim team -- a kind of party in which an older swimmer was paired with a younger ones for games and such. Afterward, all the kids got to swim, which is fun for them to goof around in the pool with their teammates after so many laps. We got to the pool early for Ben's swim practice, and Michael swam while I worked. I did manage to jump in, then got out to jump off the diving board and experienced a bit of a chill -- the board was in the shave, and the two kids in front of me were taking their time right as a breeze pushed through. The chill was so sever that even though it was 97 degrees out, I felt the need to sit in the hot tub for a couple minutes to warm up.

I worked the rest of the evening while the boys were enjoying Buddy Night. I took the dog for a longer walk when we got home, but the breeze subsided, and it's still warm outside even as I type. So much for the bright heat ...


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