Summer 2015: Day 28

My sleep schedule has me waking up before 7 a.m., which is a sort of departure from pre-2015. I didn't have to wake up this morning for anything, but there I was, not readily falling back asleep, and it seemed counterproductive to just lay in bed and play Candy Crush Saga. So, I woke up, put my Sauconys on, and took the enthusiastic dog to Liberty Park for a run.

I generally love morning workouts, but just hate waking up for them. After they are complete, I feel I have a whole day of possibilities ahead. We didn't exactly set the world on fire the rest of the day -- I took the boys to Pokemon league, we all went to Costco, I mowed the front lawn, and got the dog out for a short walk in the evening -- but I already felt productive before 9 a.m. I've been feeling the same way working for an hour during the boys' early swim practices. After two weeks of this summer schedule, I'm feeling generally good. I do miss the flexibility I had when I was freelancing, but I'm adjusting.

So, in conclusion, this was a good summer Saturday. I'm looking forward to Sunday.


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