Summer 2015: Day 25

Wednesday was much like Tuesday, just without the swim meet. But I did get a lot done work-wise today and managed to get the dog out for a long walk. The routine was the same: Ben had swim practice in the morning, Michael had basketball camp at 10:30, Ben had his own camp at noon, Michael had three more hours of basketball while I found a Starbucks to work. Michael skipped swim tonight, so instead, I worked some more and then we picked up dinner at Costa Vida.

I knew this week would be blurred chaos, but I just don't want it to be over for the sake of getting easier. I'm workin' for the weekend, but honestly, I don't totally like having to. Simply put, I'm still getting used to the work schedule in terms of summer. And though it is easier than during the school year, it's still an adjustment. After next week, things calm down, and then vacation looms. No rush, just a knowledge that this bit of time claustrophobia isn't permanent.


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