Summer 2015: Day 27

The long, busy, hot week finally concluded today. And it concluded well.

I got a lot of work done this morning, at swim practice and while Michael was at basketball camp (Ben and I went to a Starbucks), that eased the load enough later that I took the boys to the waterpark for the first time this summer. In between, we met Lori for lunch at Noodles.

The waterpark was fun. We stayed almost three hours, with mostly the boys going on the tube rides on their own (the slides at Seven Peaks have not been kind to me over the years). The best part of our time was watching the boys swim together, having fun like they are supposed to as brothers. In one of the pools, there's a spout that shoots cold, cold water into the pool through a 4-inch pipe, and Michael was dragging Ben over to it to be chilled. Ben half-resisted, half went with the flow. It was just a happy moment to watch. They get on each other's nerves a lot, but they still are brothers, and hopefully, each other's best friend.

I'm so tired right now I'm fighting to stay awake and finish this post. Hello, weekend!


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