Summer 2015: days 10-19

One night passed in which I didn't blog. I thought I would get it the next day. I was tired after a long day of co-oping and baseball and whatever work I could squeeze in and walking the dog -- and I just wasn't alert enough to write a post.

One night became two, then three, then four ... and then nine. The last week of school was busy. The first week of the boys' summer vacation was busy as well. I'm going to try and recap as succinctly and thoroughly as possible. I don't like missing these days in my summer blogging, the chronicle of my favorite time of year. Allow me to catch up:

Day 10: My last co-op shift of the school year. I had to take a work phone call during my time at school and ran out to my car to do so. The entire co-op shift was a realization on how quickly this school year went. I remember trying to settle in way back in September, and helping out on field trips and getting used to the kids in new classrooms .... and then it's spring and June and 30-something co-ops had passed in a blink of an eye. The new job in January didn't help -- the weeks have flown by as I delved deeper into my work.

Ben had a baseball game in the evening -- it turned out to be his last of the season -- and the Giants lost 11-8. He walked once and made a couple nice throws from right field.

Day 11: This was a Wednesday. I had anticipated a good day of work and seemed to get overrun with fires all day. It was frustrating -- so much that Lori offered to drive the boys home from school to help me out -- and that's all I remember of this day.

Day 12: A much better day. I helped out with Ben's class' (and the other younger grades) field trip to a swimming pool, which was a lot of fun and so exhausting. I was so in need of energy that I stopped at Burger King on the way home. In the evening, I coached Ben's soccer team's last practice of the long season, capped off with pizza and ice cream sandwiches afterward. Needless to say, I didn't eat well all day ...

Day 13: Last day of school! We went to both boys' end-of-school brunches, where they got their awards (Michael received the Air Jordan Award, Ben the Mathematical Wizard Dynamic Dancer Award). I walked to a coffee shop to work for a couple hours while the boys finished their school day, with Michael going with a friend after for last-day-of-school hanging out session, and I took Ben home. His game was canceled that night (not enough players), which was a disappointing way to start summer vacation, but honestly, I was ready for an easy night.

Day 14: Last soccer game of the season! The Penguins lost 2-1 but played really well. I was looking forward to seeing Michael's basketball game -- first game of the playoffs after his last regularly scheduled spring game in the morning (which I missed to coach soccer). On the way down to Sandy, he called me and said the other team had forfeited and wasn't even showing up. Ben was at a birthday party that I got him from, then went to Walmart. I grilled for dinner.

Day 15: Sunday, and I woke up and took the dog running. The rest of the day was relaxed. Got some work done. Wanted to bash a guy's head in who yelled swear words at Michael and his friend while they were riding their bikes, but my cooler side prevailed (this ruined Michael's day, by the way). Mowed the front lawn.

Day 16: The crazy schedule begins. I took Ben to swim practice in the early morning and worked while he swam, then got Michael to basketball practice. Ben and I went to Barnes and Noble so I could work a little, then we took Michael back home so Lori could get Ben to paleontology camp. I worked the rest of the day and took Michael to swim practice later. Sound nutty? It was, but it wasn't so bad. Actually, it was productive. Ben got the board game Galaxy Trucker in the mail -- a birthday present late and an exchange -- and we played it to close out the night. It ran late, but I managed to get the dog for a walk. By the time I got home, I was too tired to write.

Day 17: Tuesday was even nuttier. Michael had three hours of basketball in the afternoon, and I stayed in Murray to work, going to Rumbi's for lunch and Starbucks for tea. I hurried Michael over to the first swim meet of the season -- an intrasquad meet at the JCC. I volunteered as head timer for the meet, and Ben ended up swimming four faster times than Michael (I'm trying to figure out how we'll deal with that all summer). A long, long day.

Day 18: Not quite as crazy as the day before. I worked at a Starbucks again while Michael was at basketball practice. I took him to swim practice and worked by the pool, but for the first time this summer, I took a break from the poolside working to actually jump in the water. Took the dog for a long walk in the evening after losing a game of Galaxy Trucker to Ben.

Day 19: I managed to get out for a run with the dog this morning, which felt good. Again, took Michael to basketball practice and worked at a Starbucks, and it was Ben I took to swim practice. The skies were alternately stormy and sunny, which is frustrating because it never quite rained and I needed water on the lawn. We watched Game 4 of the NBA finals, and here I am, finishing up writing this long blog post.

Until Day 20, I'm caught up.


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