Summer 2015: Day 24

If Monday was nutty, Tuesday was insanely busy. I actually worked during a swim meet tonight. I needed to finish something up, and it was the best place to do so after the long day. Michael played basketball for five hours today. The boys had the swim meet. We came home and watched the Warriors win the NBA title. I got the dog out for a short walk.

The meet was fun, at least when I wasn't editing. Michael at least swam a race faster than his little brother, who still managed to go faster in the other three. Ben's backstroke looked amazing tonight. But the highlight of the meet was the fact actor Gedde Watanabe, aka Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles," was in attendance. Turns out, he's a friend of a friend and came to watch the second friend's kids swim. Lori went up and said hi and got a picture, but I chickened out. I was afraid I wouldn't be able not to quote one of his lines to him instead of engage in a normal conversation (and I do know about every one of his lines from the movie).


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