Summer 2015: Day 23

A series of thunderstorms passed through Salt Lake City today. Nothing too violent, but significant enough to remind me of summers back in the Midwest. Michael does not like the thunder -- he's just not used to the loud boomers. I walked the dog around the block when it wasn't raining, but when a storm loomed in the distance, and she was amazingly calm through it. For me, it felt familiar.

I wish I could have taken Popcorn for a longer walk, especially because this Monday was the first day of what promises to be a crazy, crazy week. I took Ben to swim practice in the morning, Michael to basketball camp at 10:30, Ben to his camp at noon, picked Michael up, eventually picked Ben up, and later made dinner. This might be the quietest day of the next four. Work was good, though, and I did watch the Blackhawks clinch the Stanley Cup. Ben and I finished the evening with a game of DC Dice Masters (he won), and then I got the dog out for the abbreviated walk.

Looking forward to letting the storms lull me to sleep. May even turn on the radio to hear the static crackle with every lightning strike.


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