Summer 2015: Day 20

Today was a glorious summer Friday. I was still driving around a lot and a couple disappointing work moments (but was rather productive despite the goofy schedule), but for the first time all week, I didn't feel quite rushed. The boys had swim practice this morning, one after the other, and I worked the whole time, which was a nice little jump to the workday. I did take Ben to and from paleontology camp at the Utah Museum of Natural History, but that was mostly the only other driving during the day (don't worry, it gets super nutty next week ...).

Nobody felt like cooking, so we went to a ramen restaurant for dinner, then to TCBY for dessert. It wasn't even 8 when we got home, and I was going to take the dog for an earlier walk before the sunset, then came up with a better idea: taking her to the H Rock for a hike and to watch the aforementioned sunset from above the city. Ben came with me, and it was a great way to end a nice summer day.


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