Summer 2015: days 37-38

I am sitting on my porch on a Tuesday night, with everyone else already asleep. The heat has been all but unbearable the last two days, but I can feel a slight breeze at my back, coming from the west. I took the dog around the block and saw lightning -- far away, but close enough to give the night sky a little flash -- to the west. And right now, I can smell the lake. Whenever something is blowing in, you can smell the distinctly salty, somewhat putrid lake from miles away. The heat may be breaking, even just for a night (the forecast still calls for high 90s the rest of the week, which is an improvement over the low 100s of the past few days). I'm looking forward to the break.

Tonight the boys had a swim meet at Lifetime Fitness in South Jordan. I think the heat played a factor, because neither boy swam the meet of their lives, but both did OK. Ben forgot how to do a backstroke flip turn in his best event, and Michael wore out on some of his races. They swam their last events -- legs in the freestyle relay -- well to cap off the night. The rec facility the meet was at let the parents and siblings of our team swim, and I actually jumped in for a few minutes. It felt great, especially after a long two days of driving the boys around and working.

Yesterday, I volunteered to help Ben's baseball league with a Cal Ripken tournament it was hosting. I worked the scoreboard in the heat. I liked doing it, but wow, was it hot. That's why the quick jump in the pool was nice tonight.

Going to Vegas in 11 days for work, and I am trying to eat smart and exercise a lot before then. I fear I gained a few pounds back that I had previously lost. Not being able to work out in this heat isn't helping. But at least that rotting smell blowing off the lake is giving me a little hope of a slight cool-off.


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