Summer 2015: Day 9

The heat is back after a long hiatus, but I'm not complaining. We turned on the AC yesterday, and though we aren't running it at night (Lori and I both still like having the windows open as much as we can), it's provided some relief. The boys had swim practice in the indoor pool, and I sat by the outdoor pool and worked. This may sound dreary, mixing leisure time with work, but it was actually nice to earning a living while wearing swim trunks. Unfortunately, the wind picked up and blew some clouds in front of the sun, and I put my shirt back on and never actually jumped in the pool. No matter -- I still got a lot done all day (not just at the pool).

We returned home to the Ramona Avenue block party, which was in full swing. The boys and I didn't stay too long, but we did eat and congregate with our neighbors. Took the dog on a good walk in the comfortable evening air. I'm now on the porch finishing up some writing before going to bed.

Today was June 1, and I had a realization that was a bit sobering: Michael is seven years away from college. As the summer hits it stride, we have about four good years -- four good summers -- before he becomes a disinterested high schooler. We have six with Ben. As a family, we need to make these years really count. We've had some great summer memories over the past decade. It's time to make some more.


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